Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos addressing Tuesday a  meeting with ruling PASOK's party Parliamentary group committee on the economy (KTE), he repeated that 80 pct of the reforms have already been voted and are currently in the process of implementation.
According to reports, Venizelos told the PASOK MPs that European officials are very concerned about the implementation pace of reforms. He also stated that the 'troika' representatives (EC-ECB-IMF) appear to acknowledge that any delays in the increase of revenues is caused by the economic recession, but has expressed reservations as regards the full implementation of the reforms.
He assured the PASOK cadres that in case the banks resort to the Financial Stability Fund they will have to use common and not preferred stocks, as was the practice until now. He also pledged that the supervising role of the Bank of Greece (BoG) in the operation of the banking system will be reinforced.