Prime Minister George Papandreou, addressing a cabinet meeting on Tuesday, stressed that "it is very important today for us to send a clear message. That we are 'going full' for the big changes."
The prime minister spoke of "the patriotic duty" that the government has in order to take the country out of the crisis and, in parallel, to utilise the time it has for the country to stand on its own feet.
Papandreou made special reference to the implementation of the important decisions taken on July 21 that create, as he said, "the preconditions for greater stability and security for our country. The struggle, as well as the sacrifices of the Greek people, is vindicated in this way."
He added that "apart from the necessary decisions that will be taken by the parliaments, the governments, and at the level of the various institutions of the European Union, we must also proceed rapidly with the priorities that we have decided, for ourselves, for our country, for our credibility."
The prime minister underlined that the fulfillment of the commitments that Greece has assumed will make it productive and competitive and will give the possibility for a sure development course, that will give jobs and prosperity to the country.
"It is important for us to give with clarity this stigma, within the government, to Greek society, and internationally. That we are proceeding rapidly with the great reforms," he said.