Family wants case on Tsalikidis death re-opened, insists on link to phone-tapping case

The family of junior Vodafone executive Kostas Tsalikidis, who was found hanged days after a major phone-tapping scandal involving the company was discovered, on Wednesday announced that they will seek to have the case re-opened and linked to the renewed prosecution of the phone-tapping case.
The death, which coincided mysteriously with the discovery of the illegal software embedded in Vodafone systems that allowed its mobile phones to be tapped, was investigated and finally ruled a suicide.
The family rejects the suicide verdict, insisting that Tsalikidis' death on March 9, 2005 was "a bolt from the blue" and points out that he died the day after a meeting held at Vodafone following the discovery of the illegal software and shortly after Tsalikidis had made two calls to the company's headquarters in Kifissos.

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