Police in Livadia on Wednesday announced that they had tracked down the culprits for the cold-blooded murder of a 75-year-old man in Viotia earlier this year, who was killed by armed robbers that broke into his house last April. The suspects are a gang of Albanians that are also considered responsible for burgling 26 homes.
Charges have been drawn up against three Albanians, who have so far eluded capture and are now being sought. The three, along with an indeterminate number of accomplices, had set up a criminal group that broke into peoples' homes.
The killing occurred during one such break-in during the early hours of April 4, while the unlucky victim was asleep in the house with his wife and their 47-year-old son. The three men facing charges had immobilised the couple using the threat of a hunting rifle, as well as their son in the next room.
After searching all the rooms they took the sum of 800 euro and one of them shot the 75-year-old at point-blank range, causing his death. Another of the robbers hit the victim's 70-year-old wife on the head with a hammer, causing her minor injury. They then climbed into a car stolen from Kiato in Corinth and drove away.
The car was later found abandoned in an olive grove off the Athens-Lamia highway in Atalanti, while the gang had also been involved in a police pursuit on April 9 when they again got away by abandoning the vehicle.
The car, containing at least part of the loot taken by the robbers, was recovered and returned to their owners.