Parliament on Wednesday decided, via a secret ballot, to lift the parliamentary immunity of three ruling PASOK MPs, Alekos Athanassiadis, Pemi Zouni and Athanassios Economou.
Athanassiadis is facing perjury and slander charges. Of the 210 MPs present, 186 voted in favour, 17 against and seven voted “present”.

The parliamentary immunity of Pemi Zouni, a noted singer, was lifted at her own request after a complaint filed against her by the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AEPI), which has already been withdrawn. A total of 153 MPs voted in favour, 50 against and seven “present”.

Athanassios Economou also requested that his Parliamentary immunity be lifted to appear in court and face charges concerning a health code violation, made within the framework of his private practice. In favour voted 186 MPs, 17 against and seven “present”.