The latest measures announced by the government "literally cast our great-grandchildren into a modern Middle Ages," Communist Party of Greece (KKE) leader Aleka Papariga said on Wednesday.
Papariga attacked government vice-president Evangelos Venizelos, saying that his announcements on Tuesday essentially amounted to one thing.
"In the name of eradicating salary inequalities or inequalities in pensions, the overwhelming majority of workers have to settle for a salary of 700 euro and a pension of 500 euro. This is what he said. And I consider unacceptable that he raise the dilemma that such measures protect our children," she stressed.
Papariga made the statements after a meeting with the workers' union at Hellenic Petroleum (ELPE), at which she had again criticised the privatisations announced by the government, especially those linked to the sensitive area of natural gas and petroleum fuels. According to Papariga, these privatisations were "clearly not related to the debt".
"Chiefly now, in a period of crisis, the things decided in advance by the government and the European Union with the Maastricht Treaty are being implemented: these sectors of strategic importance will be handed over 100 percent to monopolies, in conditions of acute competition," she said.
She urged workers at ELPE and the Greek people to fight the planned privatisations, noting that "things will not go the way that the government has planned".