Main oppositioin New Democracy (ND) party leader Antonis Samaras, in the framework of his meeting with deputies and eurodeputies of his party on the occasion of the starting of the new political year, said on Wednesday that the citizens must not be trapped "in the game of social automation."
Exchanging views with the deputies on current events, he expressed disagreement with the way that the government is implementing labour reserves and supported the establishment of population criteria on the issue of taxis.
On the question of mobilisations, he reportedly said "we do not caress ears. We are not PASOK, that promised everything for everyone. We condemn and we condemned extreme attitudes repeatedly. We are calling for no one to be trapped in the game of 'social automation' that the government is playing, turning one social group against the other."
Samaras also commented on the question of labour reserves which is, as he said, a proposal by ND. "We do not combine the institution of labour reserves with dismissals. On the contrary, we proposed the specific institution for dismissals to be avoided. And we explained analytically why both the economy and society would benefit with its implementation. The government is doing exactly the opposite," he said.