Main opposition New Democracy (ND) accused the government of "communication ruses" and finance minister Evangelos Venizelos of "transferring the cost of the failure to the shoulders of the citizens", in a statement on announcements made Tuesday by the government.
In a statement, ND press officer Yiannis Michelakis said that instead of negotiating with its partners to change its failed recipe, the government was attempting to fool the Greek people and essentially transfer the cost of its failure once again to the backs of the Greek people, "but it no longer convinces anyone".
"This government is unfortunately managing the fate of the country at such a difficult time, with a prime minister that simply presides...Yesterday we watched the second, in just a few days,  'prime ministerial' announcement by the finance minister and government vice president (Evangelos Venizelos) in which it was resoundingly proved that Mr. Venizelos was lying last Wednesday when he assured the Greek people that the negotiations with the troika 'were not suspended' and that its abrupt departure from Athens was supposedly 'previously planned'," Michelakis said.
Also, "the government announced that it is proceeding quickly with those (steps) that up until yesterday it appeared to want to avoid, but which it had already signed", Michelakis said, adding: "If they (measures) were correct, then why was it avoiding them until now? And if they were wrong, why did it announce them yesterday, promising speedier rates that initially promised at that? And, finally, why did it co-sign them if it had a problem with them and why did it not co-sign them earlier if it did not have a problem with them?"