Commission satisfied with Greek gov't announcements

The European Commission on Wednesday expressed satisfaction over the measures announced by the Greek government on Tuesday.
Amadeu Altafaj, a spokesman for EU Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs Olli Rehn, speaking to reporters here, said the Greek government’s decisions showed there was additional work to be done.
Altafaj noted that it was up to Greek authorities to inform when they would be ready to resume talks with EC-ECB-IMF 'troika' officials and stressed that the aim was for the talks to be resumed as soon as possible, so that an assessment of the Greek economy to be completed faster.
The EU spokesman said the troika delegation was ready to return to Athens as soon as the necessary reassurances were offered for the completion of the round of talks, particularly in the fiscal and structural measures, implementation of the Medium-Term programme and a drafting of next year’s budget.

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