Serbia deserves to be given EU accession candidate status, Greek foreign minister Stavros Lambrinidis said in an interview with the Belgrade daily Vecernje Novosti, appearing ahead of a visit to the Serbian capital on Wednesday, adding that Serbia has taken substantial steps in recent months.
Lambrinidis said that all the countries of SE Europe should gain membership to the EU, adding that the Greek 'Agenda 2014' initiative was aimed in that direction, adding that Greece's efforts contributed substantially to reversing the negative climate in the EU due to scepticism and a sense of 'fatigue' after the last Eu enlargement.
Asked whether Greece was being pressured to recognise Kosovo, Lambrinidis assure that "no pressure is being exerted", and "Greece remains devoted to its policy and has principals that aim at the consolidation of peace, stability and prosperity in the region".
He explained that its non-recognition of Kosovo does not hinder Greece from working for rapprochement between the two sides and supporting the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina. "Dialogue should comprise the context for the resolution of all disputes, and unilateral actions should be avoided," the Greek minister noted, referring to the July incidents in northern Kosovo.