Government spokesman Elias Mossialos on Thursday referred to the announce-ments made by Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos a day earlier and underlined that they referred to roughly 200,000 employees in the wider public sector, including public utilities, private law entities and municipal organisa-tions.

Personnel selected for redundancy will be assessed by the Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection (ASEP), he said, adding that detailed announcements will be made by the ministries of finance and administrative reform next week.

Responding to a relevant question, he stressed that the government’s goal is to increase competitiveness, adding that structural reforms are being promoted within this framework. He said that more reforms in the health sector will be announced soon, including measures that will cut down the pharmacists’ profit percentage.  

Mossialos said talks with troika are uninterrupted and will continue next week.

Referring to the comments made by Health Minister Andreas Loverdos concerning the public sector employees, he said that “undoubtedly the public sector is large and counterproductive while there is also a private sector that is based on state subsidies and facilitations.”

 “We need a smaller, productive and more flexible public sector in the service of economic growth that will include an extrovert and dynamic private sector,” Mossialos said.
Referring to the issue of disability pensions, he stressed they will be reduced in numbers, reaching the Eurozone and EU average, adding that expenditures for payments of disability pensions were reduced 6.6 pct in 2011.