Cruise ship, passenger traffic up 28.6% in Jan-Aug

Cruise ship and passenger traffic at the port of Piraeus rose 28.6 pct in the January-August period, compared with the same period last year, justifying expectations and a Piraeus Port Authority decision to declare 2011 as a "sea cruise year".
Sea cruise passenger arrivals totaled 1,611,429, of which transit passengers totaled 1,309,681 (an increases of 37.5 pct compared with the same period in 2010).
The port authority also announced that transhipment of vehicles in the port’s new car terminal totaled 218,112 in the January-August period, from 174,570 last year, for an increase of 25 pct. On the other hand, however, domestic vehicle market activity fell by 45 pct in the same period.

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