UN Special Envoy on the "name issue" of the fYRoM Matthew Nimetz clarified on Friday that the negotiations for the name of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (fYRoM) are governed by the relevant resolutions of the UN Security Council.
In an announcement, the personal envoy of UN Secretary General in the talks between Greece and fYRoM, refers to a recent interview of his with "Channel 5" in Skopje and speaks of "interpretation and misinterpretation" of a statement of his with different ways, clarifying and making it clear, as he points put, that regarding the issues under negotiation for the "name" they are governed by resolutions 817 and 845 of the UN Security Council, as well as by article 5 of the Interim Agreement of September 13, 1995.
Matthew Nimetz in his interview with the specific channel of Skopje was also asked whether he will meet the prime ministers of Greece and fYRoM, on the sidelines of the sessions of the upcoming UN General Assembly. "I am in contact with both sides," he said, stressing that he spoke with the representatives of the two countries in the talks, ambassador Vassilakis and ambassador Jolevski and that he requested a meeting with "high-ranking officials" when they shall be in New York. He also mentioned that if he is invited by the sides he will visit the region.