EU Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger on Friday strongly criticised the efficiency of the Greek public administration and suggested that the EU should send qualified officials from other member-states to help the public sector towards improving tax collection and promoting privatisations.
In an interview with German daily "Bild", Oettinger said Greek services could not collect taxes or promoting state assets.
“Therefore, EU officials should take over this job,” the EU Commission said.
Oettinger stressed it would be best if skilled officials from other EU states could be employed to promote tax collection and privatisations in Greece, as they “could act without taking accounts of any reactions”. He added that Athens should agree with such a solution as compensation for a second support package from its EU partners.
The German Commissioner, however, rejected the idea that Greece should be forced to leave the Euro area.
“That would divide Europe and would be a disastrous signal. It would give the impression that the EU is not in a position to stabilise a relatively small country,” he said, adding: “Markets and creditors would lose their trust in us in the future."