The Greek-flagged tanker "United Emblem" was attacked by pirates on Saturday while sailing in the Red Sea, approximately 24 nautical miles west of Yemen and 36 nautical miles east of Eritrea.
The ship has a crew of 26, of which 10 are Greeks (including the captain and senior officers), 15 Filipinos and one Ukrainian national. It is loaded and set sail from Kharq Island in Iran on September 3 for the port of Fos in France.
The Greek coastguard Unified Centre for Coordinating Search and Rescue has set up a Ship Piracy Incidents Management Team, which has alerted Citizen Protection Minister Christos Papoutsis and the appropriate Development, Competitiveness and Shipping ministry services, the defence and foreign affairs ministries, as well as international centres for fighting piracy.
The ship's location and course is being constantly monitored by the task force, in cooperation with the Piraeus-based shipping company in charge of the vessel. It is also in constant contact with the international centres fighting piracy and a representative of the shipping firm.
According to a statement by the shipping firm's security officer and a company representative, based on the last communication with the captain at 16:05, all members of the crew were safe and well.