Main opposition New Democracy would be four points ahead of ruling PASOK in an election, according to an opinion poll carried out by 'Public Issue' that is to be published in the Sunday edition of the newspaper "Kathimerini".
Based on the findings of the poll, PASOK would get 28 percent of the vote, ND would receive 32 percent. The rest of the vote would be shared among the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) with 10.5 percent, the Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) with 9 percent, the Popular Orthodox Rally (LAOS) party with 8 percent, the Ecologists-Greens with 4 percent and the Democratic Left with 3 percent.
The Democratic Alliance party led by former minister Dora Bakoyannis is seen receiving 1.5 percent of the vote, not enough to enter Parliament, while 4 percent is shared by other parties and the abstention rate is forecast to be 34.5 percent.
Six in 10 of those asked said that there was no need for early elections, while 57 percent said that they expected early polls.