The General Confederation of Employees of Greece (GSEE), the country's largest umbrella trade union federation, on Monday announced its departure from a committee set up to upgrade the role and functioning of the Supreme Labour Council.
In a letter sent to Labour and Social Insurance Minister George Koutroumanis, GSEE said the two discussions of the committee that it had attended had shown its goal was only to "make legitimate" the further weakening of collective labour agreements and promote the proliferation of special agreements between individual employees and companies.
The committee was set up by Koutroumanis in July to discuss and submit proposals for the way the SLC should function.
In its announcement, GSEE also indicated its opposition to the measures announced by the government on Sunday, such as the emergency levy on all buildings, saying these would further bleed already meagre family incomes and suck funds from the real economy, leading to a further rise in unemployment.