Main opposition New Democracy (ND) on Monday lashed out at the government over an extraordinary surtax on building properties it announced over the weekend, but also at the president of the Public Power Corporation employees' federation GENOP Nikos Fotopoulos, who said the federation would block collection of the surtax via electricity bills as intended by the government.
ND's position on the surtax on real estate is given, "we are categorically opposed", the party's press spokesman Yiannis Michelakis said, but added that no public organisation is anyone's private property "and no Fotopoulos can obstruct implementation of the laws".
Michelakis noted that the government over the weekend "announced the 6th surtax in 20 months", adding that the new surtax "confirms the government's resounding failure, belies its assurances that no additional collection measures will be taken, and dissolves the last remaining remnants of its credibility".
He charged that the government is a "captive in a wrong recipe and unable to attain the targets it sets out", and "insists on a tax raid that kills construction activity in which tens of professions are active", while at the same time "deepening the recession, freezing the market and increasing unemployment".
Michelakis reiterated that supporting construction activity is a fundamental tool for giving breath to the real economy and boosting employment, and reiterated steps in that direction that have been put forward by ND.