The preparation of the next European Council, in mid-October and the fiscal prospects of the 2014-2020 period were the main issues of the EU's General Affairs Council held here on Monday. Greece's positions were supported by Alternate Foreign Minister Mariliza Xenoyiannakopoulou.
As regards the European Council and the discussion that will be held by the European leaders on the stability of the eurozone, Xenoyiannakopoulou stressed, during her intervention at the Council, that Europe must show effectiveness and determination on the issue of growth, particularly in a period where a great effort is being made by all countries, but in particular by the countries that must achieve fiscal adjustment.
The alternate Foreign minister also referred to the need for there to be a speedup and implementation of the decisions of the July 21 Eurozone Summit something that, as she said, is crucial not only for Greece but also for the countries having problems, as well as for the eurozone.
She also briefed her counterparts that the Greek government is proceeding with consistency with difficult decisions, as also appeared from the announcements of Thessaloniki, stressing however that there must also be determination at European level.