Greek employers remained pessimistic over employment outlook in the fourth quarter of 2011, a report by ManpowerGroup showed on Tuesday. The index of total employment prospects fell to -13 pct, down eight percentage points compared with the previous quarter, and down three percentage points compared with the same period in 2010.

Employers in all nine sectors of the Greek economy said that the number of their workers was expected to fall in the next three months, with tourism (-24 pct) and constructions (-23 pct) recording the most pessimistic views. However, almost two out of three employers in the survey said they intended to maintain their current job positions.

The survey showed that 9.9 pct of employers expected an increase in their workforce, a 22 pct expected a decline and a 64 pct did not expect any change in their workforce.

The wholesale and retail commerce sector also reported pessimistic prospects, with the relative employment index falling to -20 pct, while the financial sector index was -12 pct. The farm sector recorded the lowest pessimistic estimates with the index at -3.0 pct.

In the Attica and Northern Greece regions, employers reported lower prospect of new hirings.