Opposition Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) parliamentary group leader Alexis Tsipras on Tuesday called on the people to participate in an organized struggle to overthrow the government. In a press conference within the framework of his visit to Thessaloniki’s 76th International Trade Fair (TIF), he stressed “we are not saying that the government should leave by choosing a convenient for it election date but to be overthrown under the weight of social reaction”.
“The government has an expiration date and George Papandreou is a prime minister on reserve. The successor is ready. This government will not be able to pass a state budget,” he said. 
“The government policy and the memorandum have failed and the government will have to answer to the Greek people,” Tsipras stressed.
He characterized as false the dilemmas “memorandum or default” and “euro or drachma”, underlining that they serve the government by terrorizing the people and allowing it to implement its anti-popular measures. He stressed that Greece’s default is not possible without a Eurozone default. 
Tsipras also maintained that there are plans for a shared government made up of PASOK and main opposition New Democracy (ND) party.
Referring to the special surtax on buildings, Tsipras stated that it will be impossible to implement.
He was in favour of a coalition with the participation of all leftist and progressive powers without exemptions and exclusions and condemned the indiscriminate attacks by citizens on politicians.