The government is going ahead with the complete deregulation of the public transport sector, but is also taking measures and security valves to prevent monopolies.
This appears from the address made by Infrastructures, Transport and Networks Minister Yiannis Ragoussis, while briefing the members of the PASOK party's Parliamentary Work Sector on the terms of the new bill being promoted regarding the deregulation of the taxi profession.
Ragoussis briefed PASOK's members that n the bill being promoted there will also be, apart from taxis, terms concerning trucks as well, stressing that "the opening (of the profession) will be complete, integrated, immediate and with rules that will not allow the creation of cartels."
With this move the three-year transitional period for the deregulation of trucks and public use water trucks is in essence coming to an end.

Taxi owners demonstrate outside parliament

Striking taxi owners from across the country will hold a demonstration outside the parliament on Tuesday afternoon while Infrastructures, Transport and Networks Minister Yiannis Ragoussis will brief ruling PASOK MPs on the definitive clauses in the draft law deregulating the taxi sector.
Ragoussis will outline the draft law regulations to convince objecting MPs that it must be implemented. The draft law, which got the cabinet’s approval a week ago, is currently in a public debate process.
The taxi sector is on a 48-hour strike since Monday.