The minor opposition parties on Tuesday expressed strong objections to the labour reserve measure.
The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) underlined that “the measure that was first inspired by main opposition New Democracy (ND) and is now implemented by ruling PASOK will inflate unemployment even more and have negative consequences for the people who will be called to pay for the personnel shortages that will be created.”
The KKE statement stressed that the inconvenience for ISAP electric rail passengers is just an example of what will follow.
Popular Orthodox Rally (LA.O.S) spokesman Costas Aivaliotis stressed that the abolition of NGO financing is a necessary precondition in order to reduce spending.
The “inhumane measure of labour reserve” was described as “a hallway to unemployment” by Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) labour policy committee member Dimitris Stratoulis, who called on the employees in the 151 public sector organizations, in which the labour reserve measure will be implemented, to participate in coordinated resistance.
He underlined that Greece “should not be transformed into a graveyard for job positions and social rights”.
The Democratic Alliance party characterized the labour reserve measure as a wrong decision.
Party spokesman Dimitris Zafiriadis accused the government of having no plan or direction for the labour reserve issue, stressing that “acting in a leveling way, it made the wrong decision having as a criterion the political cost instead of proceeding with a real evaluation” of employees.
The Democratic Left expressed opposition to the measure, suggesting that the redundancy problem should be solved with employee transfers.