Athens hotels’ room occupancy rates rose substantially in July, boosted by a 10.1 pct increase in tourist arrivals in the country.

Yiannis Retsos, president of the Panhellenic Hoteliers Federation, speaking to ANA-MPA, said that occupancy rates in 4-star hotels jumped 20.5 pct in July, while in 5-star hotels it was up 5.8 pct in the same month. Occupancy rates rose to 78.6 pct for 4-star hotels, 64.4 pct for 5-star hotels, while occupancy rates fell 2.6 pct in 2-star hotels to 74.1 pct in July.

Retsos expressed his satisfaction over this positive development and noted that tourist trends in September were very positive while he stressed that talk over strike mobilizations was negatively affecting hotel reservations for Athens.

Commenting on developments in a Greek debt crisis, Retsos said it was imperative that business groups, the state and the society worked together towards the salvation of the country and said that at this particular time everyone must put aside its demand to the benefit of the country.