Environment, Energy & Climatic Change Minister George Papaconstantinou met here on Wednesday with German government officials as well as representatives of the country's industrial sector.
Papaconstantinou's meetings focused on the latest developments of the debt crisis in the Eurozone and the promotion of investments in Greece.
The Greek minister met with German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble, to whom he conveyed Athens' "unshakeable intention to proceed with fiscal adjustment and important structural reforms the country needs."
Speaking to reporters, Papaconstantinou said that during his meeting with Schauble the German side also confirmed "its will to support our country, to support the Euro" in the framework of the July 21 Eurozone Summit's decisions.
The Greek minister reminded that he had, in the past, discussed with the German Finance minister the need for Greece to follow a growth path and that he had referred to a proposal regarding Greek exports to Europe of clean energy.
Papaconstantinou also met with Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety Minister Norbert Rottgen and deputy economic minister Jochen Homann.
Referring to his meeting with members of the Federation of German Industries' (BDI) board under its Director Markus Kerber, the Greek minister termed it "important". The meeting focused, as he said, on investments in the sector of energy, more particularly, electricity by utilising solar energy, the so-called "Project Helios".
"This project meets with great response on the part of the German government and German industry," Papaconstantinou said, adding that they agreed on forming a joint group to elaborate further on this project.
He added that during German Economy Minister Philipp Roesler's forthcoming visit to Athens early next month there will be special discussion on the financial and technical aspects of the project.