Education Minister Anna Diamantopoulou on Thursday clarified that university students who fail to enroll in two consecutive semesters will automatically lose their status and will be unenrolled.
Responding to a tabled question by Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) MP Litsa Amanatidou-Paschalidou on the implementation of a recent law on university institutions, Diamantopoulou stressed that “there will be sanctions if the laws are not implemented”.
She also pointed out that “no one has the right to decide whether a law or a circular will be implemented,” adding that “when somebody chooses, instead of observing the law, to follow the line suggested by a social group to which they belong - regardless of how important this group might be - should assume the responsibility” of their actions. The latter statement was in reference to repeated warning by opponents of the law, including professors and university administrators, that the law and foreseen reforms will not be implemented.