“Greece is in close contact with Israel and the Palestinian Authority, as well as with its EU partners, so that the UN General Assembly will serve as an opportunity to push forward with the resumption of the peace process,” foreign ministry spokesman Grigoris Delavekouras on Thursday said.
Responding to a question on the mobility observed lately as regards the Middle East problem and Greece’s position, he underlined that this is a period of a delicate negotiating process for the Middle East.
Delavekouras stressed that the European Union can play a major role and emphasised the importance of a “single voice”.
However, he underlined that “we should wait for the Palestinian Authority’s decisions before discussing with our European partners the way in which the EU will voice its position.”
As regards Greece-Israel relations, Delavekouras stated that Greece’s decision to strengthen its relations with Israel fills an unjustified void that existed between the two countries.
“Relations between Greece and Israel have a great potential,” he said, adding that “from the first moment we clarified that this development will not aim against any third country”.
Greece has clarified that “the reinforced relation of confidence and cooperation with Israel can contribute decisively to the proposals tabled for the solution of the Middle East issue,” he said, adding that “Greece has all the characteristics that make it a catalyst in this effort considering that it shares traditional relations of friendship and trust with the Arab countries, the Palestinian people and the Palestinian Authority in particular.”
Delavekouras added that Greece “can also discuss openly with Israel and help in the efforts focusing on consensus and the resumption of the peace process.”