Prime Minister George Papandreou, addressing a cabinet meeting on Thursday, termed the current period crucial and stressed that the struggle being waged by the country over the same period is decisive.
Papandreou said that at this period the possibility cannot be ruled out of efforts being manifested by various sides to convey to Greece responsibilities that it does not have.
According to the prime minister, it is possible that Greece might be shown as a kind of scapegoat, "for problems and malfunctions, institutional or other, or for reasons of domestic political situations of other countries."
The prime minister further said that for this reason Greece must not give any pretense and must be absolutely consistent with the commitments it has undertaken.
Briefing the ministers on his discussion with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Wednesday, the prime minister said "I had the possibility yesterday to speak with the President of France Mr. Sarkozy and the Chancellor of Germany Mrs. Merkel. I repeated our unshakeable decision of being absolutely consistent with our commitments, with all the commitments we have undertaken. With the completion of the positive evaluation by the three agencies of the troika, there is no question of Greece not being supported in accordance with the decisions of July. On the other hand, of course, they are also waiting for the evaluation, to see if indeed we have done what we had to do."
On the question of the public dialogue taking place on these issues, the prime minister said "it is good for us to talk but we must achieve the targets as soon as possible." And added that whatever result, small or big, must be promoted positively.
Lastly, referring to the country's targets, Papandreou said "we are not far from our targets, this is important. We are close to achieving a first stage surplus next year, for the first time after many years."