A 55-year-old man on Friday doused himself in petrol and attempted to set himself alight outside the central branch of Piraeus Bank in the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki. Holding a bullhorn in one hand and a can of petrol in the other, the man started to protest against the government, bankers and political parties and threatened to set himself on fire in protest.
The incident occurred just before 3:00 p.m. on the corner of Tsimiski and Ethniki Amyna streets in Thessaloniki.
A team of police officers and employees within the bank attempted to dissuade him but the man was adamant. At one point he poured petrol on his clothes and succeeded in setting them alight using a lighter but the flames were quickly put out by police and bank employees armed with fire extinguishers.
The man was then rushed to a nearby hospital with slight burns to his chest and back, where he was pronounced out of danger.
This was the second time the same man had tried to end his life in this way, as he had made a similar attempt outside the same branch of Piraeus Bank two years earlier, when he had also suffered burns.