Defence Minister Panos Beglitis on Friday underlined, from Parliament, that the defence-sector manufacturers and shipyards are being supported as much as possible, considering the present economic situation and the needs of the armed forces.
Responding to a current question by opposition Coalition of the Radical left (SYRIZA) MP Thodoris Dritsas as regards the shipyards at Neorion, on the Cyclades isle of Syros, Beglitis said the ministry of defence cannot bear the burden of sustaining companies in the sector, and that it assigns projects based on existing legislation.
On his part, Dritsas accused the government of “lacking a development policy plan for the shipyards, as proved by a number of incidents, among them, the long delay in the tender for the repair of the navy’s floating docks.”
In response, Beglitis said the tender is in progress, underlining that there are no delays and that workers’ rights are being protected.