Communist Party of Greece (KKE) General Secretary Aleka Papariga on Friday expressed her party's strong objections to the government's policy for drug users and the transfer of methadone programmes to hospitals.
Papariga was speaking in Parliament, during debate on a question put to Health Minister Andreas Loverdos.
Loverdos announced that 380 patients had entered methadone programmes in hospitals since September 1.
"If things are the way they appear today, in November the list of shame will not exist and no addict will have to wait more than 15 days to enter a programme, whereas it now takes seven years and three months so that 4 percent of addicts die and 8 percent are imprisoned for delinquency or crime," Loverdos said.
"The drug dependent are not patients - they are victims," replied Papariga. "Instead of the minister announcing a policy to prevent and fight drug dependency, he is explaining how he will take the dependent that accept substitutes and hide them in hospitals. The moral measure of this government is lower than zero," she added.