Greece late Thursday sternly warned Turkey to abstain from every exploratory activity that affects Greece's sovereign rights and instructed its embassy in Ankara to lodge a demarche with the Turkish foreign ministry, after Ankara earlier in the day issued a NAVTEX for the conduction of exploration by the Norwegian research vessel 'Bergen Surveyor' and accompanying vessels from September 15 to November 15 in an area that also overlaps with the Greek continental shelf south of the island of Kastelorizo, as delineated under the Law of the Sea.
Greek foreign ministry spokesman Grigoris Delavekouras, in a statement, said that the Greek Embassy in Ankara has been instructed to lodge a demarche with the Turkish foreign ministry calling for abstention from every research activity that affects Greek sovereign rights in the region.
At the same time, instructions were also given to the Greek Embassy in Oslo to contact the shipowning company of the research vessel, and the Norwegian foreign ministry to inform it of the Greek positions.
"The foreign ministry will continue to monitor the development of the issue, and will take all the necessary actions," Delavekouras concluded.
The M/V Bergen Surveyor is owned by Wavefield Inseis ASA, a Norwegian marine geophysical company that provides exploration and other related services that has been acquired by CGGSVeritas.
Turkey early Friday issued a NAVTEX advising of "Seismic survey by M/V Bergen Surveyor, M/V Sharona, M/V Glomar Venture and Thor Beamer between 15 Sept-15 Nov".