Speaking on Saturday evening, Samaras again demanded early elections, during a nationally televised address from the Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF), where he also emphasised that he will seek a "clear mandate from the citizens to govern."
"Those who talk about consensus and refer to co-governance must be aware that such schemes are unstable and precarious."
Referring to prime minister by name, he said that George Papandreou has only recently discovered, with delay, that the national interest is above the party's interest, "we are not all alike, Mr. Papandreou".
"Last year I told you what I propose, this year I will tell you what I will do," main opposition New Democracy (ND) leader Antonis Samaras said opening his address at TIF.
Samaras said he will not follow the path of "false promises" and charged that current Prime Minister George Papandreou uttered "outrageous lies" during his address last Saturday at the same venue.
"ND did not desert the battle in 2009, Mr. Papandreou blackmailed for elections," Samaras charged, adding that the prime minister lied over the deficit and referred to Papandreou's words before the 2009 elections, namely, that "money exists",
reminding that money for extra spending did not exist, either now or in 2009.
Referring to the latest EL.STAT furor, he said ND will be ruthless if it is proved that an organised plan to inflate the 2009 deficit rate is a fact.
He called the government's new surtax on real estate a 'total failure', noting that the people are excessively burdened.
Samaras underlined that ND does not want Greece to return to the drachma and asked the citizens' support, regardless of whom they have voted for during the last elections, "in order to get the country out of the crisis".
"The government is walking on a tight rope and Greece faces the risk of sinking ... we are all in danger and all together we will be saved ... We have made sacrifices and we will continue, but we must see results, not to be condemned in useless sacrifices without results," he underlined to a standing-room only auditorium of high-ranking ND cadres and supporters.
If elected premier, Samaras pledged that he will declare an Exclusive Economic Zone after a necessary review, while he charged that the Papandreou government has pitifully failed to follow Cyprus' example.
He also stated that he will re-establish separate tourism and merchant marine ministries, as strategic administration hubs.
Additionally, the former ND minister and Euro-MP charged that the government's reserve labour measure for the wider public sector leads to mass layoffs, explaining that ND's plan for the reserve labour measure does not foresees lay-offs. 

Samaras: Renegotiation of Memorandum realistic

"Renegotiation of the Memorandum is realistic," ND leader Antonis Samaras underlined during his address at the Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF) on Saturday.
"We do not disagree with the target, we disagree in the ways of implementation, we do not want to ease up the effort," he said, adding that this is what Ireland and Portugal achieved.
"We Greeks, can" was the message that Samaras reiterated several times during his address and appeared certain that the country will meet its targets.
Samaras referred to the changes he wants to push through if his party wins the next elections. A condition for these changes, he said, is a sweeping review of the Constitution, from the role of the president of republic to separation of a minister's post from the pool of MPs.