Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) Parliamentary Group president AlexisTsipras criticised Prime Minister George Papandreou and government vice president and Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos on Monday, stressing that "the Papandreou-Venizelos government is proving to be the most dangerous government from the period after the restoration of democracy onwards", while appealing to the country's progressive forces to take the first step for their cooperation with the aim of "this indescribable government leaving."
Referring to the latest developments, Tsipras said the government "panic-stricken and surrendered, instead of admitting the complete failure of the memorandum and leading the country to elections, so that the people can choose their future, is threatening and extorting Greek society vulgarly."
On the question of possible additional measures being announced, the SYRIZA leader said that these measures "cannot and must not pass, these taxes cannot and must not be paid."
Tsipras also called on  "the social agencies, the unions, the jurists, all the Greek people, to raise a shield of protection for the people who say 'I do not have, I am not being paid and therefore I am not paying'."