Popular Orthodox Rally (LAOS) party leader George Karatzaferis on Monday paid a visit to President of the Republic Karolos Papoulias and outlined his positions on the latest developments.
He summed up his opinion by paraphrasing a quote from the ancient philosopher Democritus, namely that "Not argument but calamity is the teacher of fools".
Karatzaferis urged Papoulias to undertake an initiative for the creation of a national unity government.
Afterward, he said the president had seemed "more determined than any other time".
Karatzaferis said he had stopped taking any interest or depending on the intentions of the current prime minister George Papandreou and he was now interested only in what the president intended to do.
"It is unnecessary to even say that the country essentially isn't working," he stressed.
In response to an AMNA question about whether he had asked Papoulias for initiatives leading to elections, Karatzaferis underlined that the first priority was to try to come to some sort of understanding between the political parties.