Greek Foreign Minister Stavros Lambrinidis underlined on Monday the need of adopting strategies that would deter the cultivation of extreme beliefs, while addressing the opening session of a United Nations high level symposium on combatting terrorism.
The Greek minister pointed to the importance of reinforcing the cooperation of the international community, noting that "terrorism constitutes a provocation to the values and principles of our civilisation, it threatens the pylons of democracy and targets human life and dignity."
Lambrinidis added that regions suffering from great poverty or phenomena of insufficient and bad government favour the infliltration of terrorists and the implementation of their plans.
For this reason, he added, countries in need should be supported while an effective cracking down of transactions financing terrorist activities should be implemented.
The Greek Foreign minister noted the absence of an "international unique and acceptable definition of terrorism", a fact that often leads, as he said, to a bad use of the term and to arbitrary interpretations, pointing out to the importance of concluding the negotiations for the adoption of a "Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism" which will establish a broadly acceptable definition of the phenomenon.
Referring to Greece's international initiatives aiming at reinforcing international cooperation in combatting terrorism, Lambrinidis said that Athens has introduced "appropriate legislation" and measures both for shielding the country and attributing responsibilities to those involved in terrorist actions.
The Greek minister noted that the number and the extent of terrorist attacks in recent years, especially after September 11, 2001, show that terrorism continues to be a serious threat to world peace and security. "Ten years after September 11, 2001, we must condemn it once again, intensify our efforts for the elimination of terrorism and work all together in a coordinated manner, on a regional and international level, in the framework defined by the United Nations five years ago regarding the Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy," he added.
The UN symposium takes places in the framework of UN's 66th General Assembly.