A strike by all Athens public transport workers looks set to paralyse the Greek capital on Thursday, after buses and trolleys announced that they will join strike action by trains, metro and trams.
The metro, ISAP electric railway, buses, trolleys, tram and the Proastiakos suburban railway and OSE railway trains will not run for 24 hours, leaving private vehicles and possibly taxis as the only option for commuters.
The taxi owners association SATA, meanwhile, has not ruled out the possibility that they will also go on strike in protest against government plans for deregulation of the taxi sector.
Labour representatives in each of the public transport companies will hold meetings on Thursday to decide on their further course of action and have not ruled out the possibility of escalating labour mobilisations.
The strike was a reaction to the government's announcement of the labour reserve measure that will send some 50,000 public-sector workers home on half-pay, with only a scant possibility of another job in the public sector and the prospect of unemployment at the end of the year.