“Any references made by Turkey or others with regards to outstanding debts owed by the Public Gas Corp. S.A. (DE.PA) to Turkey's BOTAS constitute unrecognised unilateral assessments,” DE.PA's management underlined in a document forwarded to Parliament on Tuesday in response to a question by opposition Popular Orthodox Rally (LA.O.S) MPs.
Party deputies Ioannis Korantis and Alekos Chryssantha-kopoulos referred to statements by Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz, who alleged that DE.PA still owes BOTAS 300 million US dollars in unpaid rates for the transport of natural gas from Azerbaijan to Greece via Turkey.
The DE.PA document underlined that “DE.PA and BOTAS are currently in negotiations seeking a fair and mutually acceptable agreement within a contractual framework. Based on the progress made until now it could be validly assessed that both parties will reach an agreement within a reasonable period of time, otherwise, the issue will be settled through arbitration as provided by the contract.”
The document underlined that until the procedure is completed “any references made by Turkey or others with regards outstanding debts owed by DE.PA to BOTAS constitute unrecognised unilateral assessments”.
DE.PA clarified that it does not accept all parameters of the readjustment of the natural gas price paid to BOTAS to supply Greece with natural gas, and referred to the background of the contract signed with BOTAS, reminding that on Dec. 23, 2003 DE.PA and BOTAS had signed a contract for the supply of natural gas originating from Azerbaijan. The contract provides that the natural gas be delivered at the Greek-Turkish borders.