The foreign ministry, in collaboration with the Hellenic Public Real Estate Organisation (KED), is examining the ministry's list of building assets with the aim of the maximum benefit to the Greek state, minister Stavros Lambrinidis said in a document conveyed to parliament on Tuesday in reply to a current question by main opposition New Democracy (ND) shadow foreign minister Panos Panagiotopoulos concerning the exploitation of building properties abroad owned by the Greek state, such as embassies, consular authorities etc.
Lambrinidis said that the foreign ministry's building assets programme is being examined for the most profitable exploitation of the building assets either with the housing of other Greek services in those properties in order to avoid expenditures for rents, or through the possible sale of real estate the cost of maintenance of which is disproportionate with respect to the existing needs.
The minister added, however that an effort is being made so that whatever decision is taken will not be made under pressure but following a comparative examination of all the facts, and in the way most beneficial for the Greek state.
In his question, Panagiotopoulos asked the ministry whether any decision has been taken for the sale of buildings abroad that currently house embassies, consulates, ambassadorial residences and other offices of diplomatic missions and, if so, a list of the real estate assets housing such diplomatic missions destined for sale and the recommendations on which those assets were decided, as well as the procedure with which the properties will be sold.