Main opposition New Democracy (ND) leader Antonis Samaras on Tuesday met with the country’s regional governors at the party’s headquarters in southern Athens, where he was briefed on the problems faced by the newly established local administration entities established with the mergers of prefectures.
Referring to the Kallikratis local government reform, he stressed that ND had predicted correctly that there would be problems stemming from the sketchy implementation of the reform, adding that the entire endeavour is plagued with errors and ineffectiveness.
"A true reversal in favour of the institutions of local government and in favour of the country's growth will only occur when regions beat central authority. Provided that we relieve the periphery of dependence and unnecessary bureaucracy. This is my promise," Samaras said.
Samaras expressed concern for the lack of developmental policy and requested information on the problems faced by local societies. He called for an end to overlapping jurisdictions and underlined the need for a flexible regional financial programme.