National defence minister Panos Beglitis on Tuesday assured President of the Republic Karolos Papoulias of the battleworthiness of the Greek Armed Forces.
Beglitis added that the Greek people may be proud of their Armed Forces, adding that their sacrifices are not going to waste.
"Despite the economic crisis, we maintain a high level of operational preparedness and efficiency in the Armed Forces," Beglitis said.
Papoulias said he was pleased to hear that "because, as you say, the situation in the region is very sensitive".
Beglitis briefed the President on matters falling under the jurisdiction of the defence ministry, with the focus on developments in the wider region and on the diplomatic and defence policy being followed by the government to deal with problems.
"We cannot accept any discount in the sovereign rights of Greece and the Republic of Cyprus, and this message is clear to all," Beglitis told reporters after the meeting.
Greece, he added, is working with its partners for peace in the region and the resolution of the problems in the most peaceful way.
 He reiterated that Greece wants good relations with Turkey, in the context of the rules of international law. "We don't want Turkey's isolation, but with its actions and attitude it is being led to self-isolation," Beglitis warned.
The defence minister further assured Papoulias that the Armed Forces are at a high operational level and fully prepared to deal with any provocation.