Federation of Hellenic Enterprises (SEB) president Dimitris Daskalopoulos said on Wednesday that Greece's partners and Germany in particular should take into consideration the "painful social consequences of the necessary structural changes," stressing that "the economic targets and the measures for achieving them influence directly the lives of people who do not have the will or the possibility to change with the rates imposed by the severe economic rationalisation."
The statements were made in the framework of a meeting between SEB's board and a group of 35 German journalists who are in Greece at the initiative of the European Commission's Office.
Daskalopoulos also said that the private sector and society in its entirety "are paying the cost of the negligence shown by the government and the entire political world in the implementation of the reforms that had to do with the restriction of the volume and of the interventionalism of the state," a fact which is due, according to SEB's president, to the political system in Greece "which is by birth clientele and state-dominated".