The Greek government is planning a constitutional revision to resolve chronic problems in auctions and expropriations which are raising hurdles in a rapid promotion of EU regional programs, EU Regional Policy Commissioner Johannes Hahn and Greek Competitiveness Minister Mihalis Chryssohoidis said on Wednesday.
Speaking to reporters, here, Commissioner Hahn said that around 100 projects could be launched by the end of the year, with each of the 13 regions of the country pledging to promote five quality projects.
The Greek minister stressed that the government was focusing on reducing the cost of expropriations, currently at 10 pct or more compared with 2-3 pct in Europe. Chryssohoidis said the government was drafting a new legislation aimed at facilitating expropriation procedures, along with a compromise solution over the cost until a constitutional revision of the issue.
The two officials agreed on a list of projects to be promoted, which includes 151 projects budgeted at 15 billion euros, of which 107 are regional budgeted at more than 9.0 billion euros.
Commissioner Hahn stressed that Greece needed high-quality investments and noted that structural funds were the solution to the current dead-end, while emphasized on the need to support small- and medium-term enterprises and promoting fast track procedures for regional projects. The Commission expressed his satisfaction over the results of its meetings in Athens.
Chryssohoidis said the government will table a new draft legislation aimed at lifting 72 hurdles in business activity next month.