The Ukrainian embassy in Athens this week issued a press release on the occasion of the August 1991 Act of Independence, in tandem with a commemoration of the event by the Ukrainian diplomatic missions in Greece.
"This year is very important for Ukraine: for the first time in history our state chairs the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers, celebrating both the 20th anniversary of its independence and 16 years of its membership in the Council of Europe (CoE)," the press release read.
According to the embassy, Greece ranks as one of the most important trade partners in the Balkans and eastern Mediterranean for Ukraine, with trade turnover between the two countries steadily increasing and amounting to US$293.5 million for the first half of 2011 -- an increase of 31.3 percent in comparison with the previous year. Additionally, in the first half of 2011, arrivals by Ukrainian tourists to Greece increased by 50 percent.
"We are confident that strong impetus to intensify Greek-Ukrainian cultural cooperation can be given via the organisation of the 'Days of Ukrainian Culture in Greece' and the 'Days of Hellenic Culture in Ukraine' events," the press release stated.