The administrative reform ministry on Wednesday unveiled figures that it says refutes allegations that have appeared in media reports, according to which roughly 25,000 employees were “hired in the public sector through the back door”.
According to detailed figures, the hirings made in 2010 and 2011 concern 7,385 people (5,190 in 2010 and 2,195 in 2011), compared with roughly 80,000 employees who retired during that same period.
In 2009 the contract workers were roughly 120,000 compared with 35,000 today which corresponds to a 70 pct reduction.
Also, since 2009 the overall number of public sector employees was reduced by roughly 200,000 people and the government has “frozen” more than 9,000 appointments of permanent personnel despite of the fact that they are meeting the criteria set by the Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection (ASEP) or the responsible agencies.