Main opposition New Democracy (ND) on Thursday charged that a proposal by ruling PASOK deputies for setting up a parliamentary fact-finding commission to probe the fiscal data of the past decade was a "diversionary move", but added that it would participate in such a commission if one is set up.
ND said the move by the PASOK MPs was an attempt on the one hand to balance and spread the responsibilities regarding the investigation of charges that the 2009 deficit had been inflated, and on the other a diversion from the announcement of the government's new measures.
It further noted that the initiative by the PASOK MPs came just three days after a statement by ND leader Antonis Samaras that he would set up a fact-finding commission when he took over the government on how Greece reached the Memorandum.
Meanwhile, the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) parliamentary group accused PASOK and ND of hypocrisy regarding their stance on the setting up of a parliamentary probe commission on the economy, charging that the two mainstream parties were aspiring to precisely the opposite, namely to conceal the reality and mislead the people.
The KKE said that the "creative accounting" in statistical figures have always and continue to be a tool in the hands of the governments of both those parties and the EU in order to justify their class-oriented policy at every given time. It accused the mainstream parties and the EU of presenting the current crisis as a debt crisis in order to justify the barbarous measures against the working people, while in reality the crisis was the outcome of the anti-popular policy that serves the interests of big capital and which becomes aggravated in the times of a capitalistic crisis.
It said that the measures have no end, and even if after the crisis positive growth rates arise, that which was taken away from the people will not be given back but, quite the opposite, the attack will continue.