More public transport strikes announced on Monday will make the coming week especially difficult for commuters, as workers step up labour action in protest against the labour reserve measure announced by the government.
At general assemblies held during a work stoppage on Monday, workers on Athens buses and trolleys decided to follow up the work stoppage with a 48-hour strike on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Taxi owners, in the meantime, have decided to modify their strike schedule and have moved a 48-hour strike planned on Tuesday and Wednesday to take place on Wednesday and Thursday.
Their federation accused the transport ministry of making absolutely no move to continue dialogue promised them in July, even though they tabled their own proposals several days ago.
The Electric Railway (ISAP) and the Tram will be operating as normal on Tuesday, but the Metro will not be running since the employees have decided a new 24-hour strike.
As regards Wednesday, according to reports, there will bo no public transport since buses and trolleys will be immobilised for 48 hours, while fixed line public transport, meaning the Metro, Tram, Electric Railway and Suburban Railway will be immobilised for 24 hours.

Police guards protest against pay cuts

Greek Police (ELAS) special guards held a protest against pay cuts at Lycabettus Hill on Monday morning.
The uniformed officers hung a banner with the slogan "ELAS mourns - Payday, day of mourning", before departing the Hill shortly before noon.

Air Traffic Controllers' work-stoppage on Wednesday ruled illegal

An Athens court on Monday ruled as illegal a new four-hour work stoppage called by Air Traffic Controllers for Wednesday.
The ruling came after the Civil Aviation Authority (YPA) filed a relevant petition in court asking that the four-hour stoppage -- from noon to 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday -- be declared illegal.