The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) and the Coalition of the Left (SYN) issued announcements on the 70th anniversary, on September 27, of the National Liberation Front's (EAM) founding, in 1941.
An announcement by KKE's Political Bureau stresses that it is proud that it was the soul, the guider and the main  bloodprovider of EAM and added that "although seriously wounded by the persecutions of the Metaxas dictatorship KKE, with the Central Committee secretary Nikos Zahariadis and hundreds of its leading members delivered by the bourgeoisie governments to the Occupation forces, found the strength to sound the reveille of popular resistance recovery and to shape with its action the terms for popular resistance to rise, to take on flesh and bones."
SYN's Central Political Committee stressed on the occasion of the anniversary that EAM constitutes "one of the most splendid pages of Greek and European history and of the struggles against fascism" and added that the 70th anniversary of its founding "reminds the younger generations of the huge possibilities of the people to determine their future themselves, through united and collective action."