Government spokesman Ilias Mossialos on Monday expressed the government's confidence in its ruling PASOK party Parliamentary group, ahead of Tuesday's vote in Parliament for a controversial surtax on real estate.
Mossialos referred to what he called "PASOK MPs' high sense of duty".
Referring to press reports alleging high-profile disagreements between Administrative Reform Minister Dimitris Reppas and Transport Minister Yiannis Ragoussis over preparation of a draft law for a unified pay scale in the public sector, Mossialos said necessary explanations have been offered and that government considers the issue closed. He also called for "self restraint" all.

ND will vote against the surtax on real estate

Main opposition New Democracy (ND) shadow alternate minister Yannis Vroutsis on Monday called the government's 'national tax reform' a disorderly assault, underlining that after the government's financial staff destroyed the tax collection mechanism, today it calls on the Greek people to pay for the delay, inefficiency and incompetence with heavy surtaxes.
In a statement, Vroutsis accused the government of cultivating panic and fear in the Greek society and of acting with callousness and without a plan.
Referring to the extraordinary surtax on real estate, Vroutsis clarified that ND will vote against the measure during the roll call vote in parliament on Tuesday, because it believes the measure is unconstitutional and violates the principal of proportionality, and is counter-developmental.