The Greek furniture industry suffered a 19.2 pct decline in its production volume in the first seven months of 2011, after shrinking by 14.3 pct in the same period last year, and was currently 48 pct down compared with production levels in 2005.
An analysis of data published by Hellenic Statistical Authority showed that production of furniture parts -excluding chairs- fell 30.3 pct, of metallic frame chairs by 36.2 pct, of wooden frame chairs by 25.1 pct and of kitchen furniture 21.4 pct in the January-July period this year, compared with the corresponding period in 2010.
Industry executives said this trend reflects a decline in domestic demand due to a deep economic recession in the country.
Production levels fell 10.1 pct in January, by 14.2 pct in February, 22.2 pct in March, it was down 16.2 pct in April, it fell 16.3 pct in May, by 20.8 pct in June and by 13.3 pct in July. Turnover on a monthly basis fell by 10.1 pct in January, by 16.7 pct in February, by 26.1 pct in March, by 16.9 pct in April, by 11.7 pct, it fell by 24.9 pct in June and by 18.6 pct in July.
Workforce in the sector fell by 2,356 in the seven-month period to 27,988, for a decline of 7.8 pct.